What are the plans for "the bridge on the ford across the Boyne"?

John O'Donoghue travels to Drogheda to investigate the effects of developers plans on the heritage of the town.

When you want to build for the future, you may have to sometimes knock down part of the past.

Drogheda is dominated by historic buildings but how does this history fit in with future plans for the town. 'Ireland's Eye' meets some locals who argue for and against development of Drogheda at the sake of preserving its history.

Local historian Moira Corcoran gives a background to the architecture of Drogheda and some of the buildings that have been lost. 

One focus of controversy is Drogheda Grammar School. Constructed in the mid eighteenth century, the buildings are now in a state of "arrested development". 

Cllr. Fergus O'Dowd Fine Gael T.D. says he will support any commercial development provided it is within the wishes of the town of Drogheda and the law.  

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This report for 'Ireland's Eye' by John O'Donoghue was broadcast on 7 April 1981.