'Youngline' visits schools in Dublin and Drogheda to find out what the pupils think about the opposite sex and relationships.

One girl who attends an all girls school is not impressed by boys in general.

Most boys think they are God’s gift to creation...they go round wearing these cool jackets and shades...they just annoy you the way they carry on you know, they think they know everything.

The girls and boys interviewed, talk about the etiquette involved with going to the disco, the fear surrounding asking somebody to dance and the panic felt when asked for a dance. 

When it comes to making friends and relating to the opposite sex, the general consensus is it is easier to get to know somebody when you have a shared interest. A good personality is what counts rather than going by looks alone. One girl learned this lesson the hard way when she plucked up the courage to ask a good looking boy for a dance. But when she got to know him better she was disappointed to find

He was the same as any other boy, he was just ordinary too.

The boys interviewed agree that girls are deeper than boys with one of them saying he would consider a girl as a best friend.

‘Youngline’ was a once weekly, half-hour magazine show for younger viewers. This episode was first broadcast on 26 January 1981.