Marian Finucane discusses famous breakups and the best way to end a relationship with Fiona Looney and Eamonn Sweeney.

Marian Finucane examines the flip side of Valentine's Day with a studio debate on the best way to break up with someone. She discusses some famous break-ups with her guests, writers and journalists Fiona Looney and Eamonn Sweeney.

The actor Daniel Day Lewis broke up with actress Isabelle Adjani by fax. Eamonn's favourite break-up story is Pablo Picasso, who "was seeing two women and he made them fight over him." Fiona has a friend who broke up with her partner because he winked at her while she was giving birth, which Marian and Eamonn both think was a bit excessive.

Eamonn thinks that email will be a very popular break-up method with men, because "men are far more cowardly and less direct" than women, whereas "women are more practical" and give men "helpful hints for the future, next time around, how you should conduct yourself".