Marian Finucane talks to chef John Dowd about aphrodisiac foods

With Valentine's Day approaching we have been searching RTÉ Archives on the theme of love and romance. 

For those who have forgotten to book a restaurant for Valentine's Day some ideas for cooking that romantic dinner at home. Marian Finucane turns to executive chef John Dowd of With Taste Banqueting for advice. Foods commonly regarded as aphrodisiacs include oysters and duck liver, but Dowd himself does not subscribe to the theory. His dinner recommendations include steak and salmon, with peaches for dessert. 

The image above shows Irish actors Tatiana Ouliankina and Dave Duffy as Lana Borodin and Leo Dowling in the RTÉ television drama series 'Fair City', during filming in February 2004.

This edition of 'The Marian Finucane Show' was broadcast on 14 February 2001 on RTÉ Radio 1.