Atlantis founder Jenny James and other members of The Screamers in Burtonport talk about their community.

The Atlantis commune members believe aggression is a healthy emotion. As they see it, society has put a premium on mediocrity and being sweet and polite. In Atlantis a balanced person is somebody that can show the whole gamut of emotions with a premium put on being argumentative and aggressive.

Very extreme things get said indeed, that’s the point, that you get out every horrible thought you have about this person and then it’s up to the other person to feel what that does to them.

This philosophy is demonstrated in a heated exchange between Becky and Sally where Sally releases all her negative feelings about Becky. Becky however, is unsure of how to deal with what Sally is saying. Nevertheless, Jenny is happy for Sally to work her grudges off her daughter because if this did not happen she believes

She’ll feel it as a vibration, she’ll feel it as a tension, she’ll hate her she’ll want to cut off from her. We actually want people to express their aggression towards us because it’s then deal-able with, its see-able, touchable, feel-able and it’s not just a horrible feeling of something going on under the surface.

This episode of ‘The Live Mike’ was broadcast on 30 January 1981. The reporter was Mike Murphy.