West Cork has an influx of hippies who have set up home there in search of an alternative way of life.

Husband and wife, Paul and Wanda Margrie, along with their son Benjamin are just one of the families opting for an alternative way of living in West Cork. Paul describes the draw of this alternative lifestyle.

People seem to come here almost by accident and once they get here, they just find that they like it and they end up staying.

Currently living in a mobile home, they have plans to build a house on the site which is situated off the road on the side of a hill. 

The local people think we're crazy

Paul describes how like-minded people have been drawn to the area. 

Another resident who has been attracted by this rural way of life describes how the pace of life is different from city living.

It's the pace of life that appeals to people here. People are tired of rushing around... In West Cork... there's more time for people, more time for looking around you and seeing what's actually going on.

This episode of 'TV GAGA' was broadcast on 23 January 1986.