Republic of Ireland soccer manager Jack Charlton resigns after nine and a half years.

Arriving at Dublin airport, Charlton refuses to speak to the press and heads straight for a meeting with the Football Association of Ireland where he announced his resignation as manager of the Republic of Ireland football team.

In his time as manager he brought the Irish team to the European Championships and two world cups.

Journalist Philip Quinn describes what unfolded at the FAI meeting with a 5 man delegation Louis Kilcoyne, Pat Quigley, Joe Delaney, Sean Connolly and Michael Hyland, all of whom agreed that Charlton should resign.  After his resignation he is pictured in the Baggot Inn, a pub which he recently purchased, but still refused to speak to the media. 

Reporter Tony O'Donoghue comments

Charlton left as he came in. Cloaked in controversy. And the question remains. Did he fall from grace or was he pushed?

Louis Kilcoyne, President of the FAI, stated

It was entirely Jack's decision. He said to us that he always knew in his career when it was time to move on.

Philip Quinn says

His era is one of unparalleled success.

Speculation regarding a successor is rife and includes Mick McCarthy, Joe Kineer, Kenny Daglish, Alex Ferguson.

As Big Jack steps down the FAI acknowledged what he has done for Irish football and put Ireland on a world stage. Kilcoyne comments

We are eternally grateful to Jack.

On the day of his resignation Jack Charlton returned to the Hill 16 pub where he had his first pint as Manager of the Republic of Ireland to have his last pint. 

An RTÉ News report by Tony O'Donoghue broadcast on 21 December 1995.