Taxi drivers protest across Dublin over the government's decision to deregulate the taxi industry.

Demonstrations took place outside civic offices at Winetavern Street in Dublin. Further protests took place at Government Buildings on Kildare Street, where taxi drivers had been double-parking for the past 24 hours. Labour Party leader Rory Quinn called on the drivers to end their blockade, saying

Blocking on the street should end and you should be allowed to make a peaceful protest. It's a democracy. But not at the expense of other people's livelihoods.

As tow trucks arrived, some taxi drivers sat on the ground in protest. Tensions are high in Kildare Street, where RTÉ reporter Charlie Bird faced verbal threats after stating that were differences in opinion amongst drivers over a Garda request to remove some of the taxis from blocking the street. One protester commented

Speak the truth or don't speak at all.

A spokesman for the National Taxi Union Vincent Kearns told the drivers that they must end their blockade.

We are saying it to all our members all over the city to remove blockades.

Leader of the Taxi Union Tommie Gorman later addressed the drivers on Kildare Street, again requesting that the blockade be removed.

The blockade was finally lifted that evening in the hope that in doing so it would open the way for discussions with Minister of State, Bobby Molloy.

Protests also took place around the country in Cork, Limerick and Galway.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 November 2000. The reporter is Charlie Bird.