PAYE workers protest against the tax system in one of the largest assemblies ever seen in Dublin.

A series of major protests against the PAYE tax system began in March 1979. PAYE workers were contributing most of Ireland's tax revenue and felt that they were being treated unfairly by the tax system. They were moved to take to the streets when a levy on farmers’ income was abolished. 

This RTÉ News report shows aerial footage of the protest in Dublin on 20 March 1979, when an estimated 150,000 people marched through the city centre. Reporter Derek Davis was told that only twice before in living memory had so many people assembled in Dublin: “once in 1913 when Jim Larkin led the proceedings and again in 1932 when the crowds turned out for the Eucharistic Congress”. Seán Carberry describes proceedings on the ground.

The protests continued for several years and influenced tax reforms.