'Sports Spectrum' meets the Republic of Ireland soccer manager John Giles at a squad training session at Bisham Abbey in England.

John Giles was born in Dublin on 6 November 1940. He left home at the age of 15 to join the Manchester United Football Club. 

In 1975 Liam Nolan met Giles for the programme 'Sports Spectrum'. At the time, Giles was player/manager of the Irish International Soccer team. In this interview, he reflects on training at Bisham Abbey in Buckinghamshire and playing football as a boy in Ormond Square, Dublin. Asked why, of all those players who left Ireland at 15 Giles is the only one still playing, his response is:

I've always looked after myself pretty well, Liam. And if you look after yourself well and keep yourself well and keep away from injuries, I think you can play for a while.

Also discussed are the issues of security for the professional footballer and how he felt at being let go from Manchester United when he was 22. This interview was filmed shortly before John Giles decided to leave Leeds United to join West Bromwich Albion as a player manager. 

This edition of 'Sports Spectrum' was broadcast on 9 May 1975.

John Giles (1971)
John Giles Lansdowne Road on 10 May 1971