Proposals for development of a National Stadium at Croke Park.

In 1990 GAA Director General Liam Mulvihill put forward proposals for the inclusion of the GAA in plans for the development of a National Stadium. The proposals were met with some controversy by some in the GAA eager to avoid the potential abandonment of Croke Park and protect Rule 42 which forbid the playing of foreign games on GAA grounds.

Two years previously, the Sports Minister Frank Fahy, had proposed that Croke Park be redeveloped for this purpose. However, the proposal was turned down by the GAA at that time.

The government had been considering a number of options. One option was to develop Santry Stadium into a 30,000-seater soccer and athletics ground. However, the Director General of the GAA said that consideration should be given to building a brand new stadium.

Liam Mulvihill commented that if the government was willing to spend sufficiently large sums of money on the development of a stadium, then the GAA should consider being part of the plans.

Mulvihill's proposals would mean the development of a new national stadium open to all sports, allowing the GAA to stage its major games there while retaining Croke Park for routine games. 

An RTÉ News report by Charlie Bird broadcast on 25 March 1990.