In 1963 Peter O'Toole starred in a production of 'Baal' at the Phoenix theatre in London. Lelia Doolan spoke to him about being Irish, acting and his role in Brecht's 'Baal'.

Asked about his Irishness O'Toole says,

I consider myself an Irish man but I have lived all my life or most of my life in England so I am a pretty bogus Irish actor as such.

This edition of Broadsheet was broadcast on 15 May 1963. The reporter is Lelia Doolan.

Peter O'Toole (1963)
Peter O'Toole outside the Phoenix Theatre, London (1963)

Peter O'Toole as Jim Larkin (1980)
Peter O'Toole as Jim Larkin during the filming of Strumpet City (1979)