Gerry Ryan muses on the choices people make when giving names to their children

Gerry Ryan talks about the difficulty of choosing a name for a child. From handing down names from one generation to the next, to choosing to name your child after a celebrity..

One of the toughest jobs that comes with being a parent is that of naming the child.

In Ireland there is move away from the traditional names that have been handed down over generations.

Imagine calling your son Elvis Presley Walsh?

The Gerry Ryan Show ran each weekday morning from March 1988 to April 2010.

The accompanying image shows broadcaster Gerry Ryan in an RTÉ radio studio in July 1988. This photograph was taken for the RTÉ Guide.

Gerry Ryan joined RTÉ in 1979, hosting a late night music show on what was then Radio 2 (now 2fm). He started the 'Gerry Ryan Show' morning radio programme in 1988 which he hosted until his death in 2010. He also presented several television shows for RTÉ.