In 1979, Barney McKenna along with Tony MacMahon took part in a series called 'The Green Linnet', a six-part following them as they busk their way through Europe.

In this clip from the programme titled 'The Green Linnet: Andorra', Barney McKenna and Tony MacMahon perform on the French-Spanish border, where they are refused entry to Spain. Disappointed by their refusal of entry to Spain and in the Franco regime, they perform the Salamanca tune.

'The Green Linnet' is a six part series following musicians Tony MacMahon and Barney McKenna as they busk their way through Europe.

The extract shown here is from an episode which was broadcast on 9 February 1979.

The series was restored and rebroadcast in the Take Two archive slot on RTÉ 2 in September 2006.

View another clip from the series 'The Green Linnet' where Barney and Tony busk on the streets of Ennis, Co. Clare.