Analogue terrestrial television in Ireland will be turned off in 6 days. So RTÉ Archives are taking a look back at some previous major technical changes for Irish television. Many of which we now take for granted like colour television.

The 1970s saw major investment by RTÉ in the new technology of colour television. The first broadcasts in colour had taken place in 1968, but it took a further five years of work before colour transmissions became a regular event on Irish television.

In 1976, 'The Late Late Show' finally went colour, becoming the last major programme to undergo the change. By this year all studios, outside broadcast and film production units were full colour.

The Railway Cup Finals of 1971 was the first home-produced colour production, followed soon after by Ireland's first hosting of the Eurovision Song Contest in April. Take a look here at the opening of the 1971 Eurovision and the introduction by Bernadette Ní Ghallchóir.