In 1966 a Dublin butcher was selling horse meat for human consumption.

I was so hungry, I could eat a horse.

In 1966 the Dublin Corporation City abattoir failed to comply with EEC regulations and so the Department of Agriculture withdrew its license to export meet to the continent. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) figures, the Irish are the biggest meat eaters in Europe. Cathal O'Shannon asks what sort of meat do the Irish eat? He also asks

How many of you relish the idea of eating horse meat?

O'Shannon investigates further in this report for 'Newsbeat' and ask a number of Dublin housewives for their views on eating horse meat. They have mixed views. While it may seem unusual in Ireland, horse meat is available for sale for human consumption in a butcher shop in Phibsboro, Dublin. Cathal O'Shannon talks to butcher Mr Hickey about the cuts of horse meat available, how to cook them and its growing popularity among his customers partially due to its cheap price relative to beef. The meat is sourced from an abattoir in Limerick. 

We have a great trade here in Dublin for human consumption.

Mr Hickey acknowledges that there is resistance to horse meat saying

People are prejudiced against horse.

All the meat sold is stamped to show that it has passed the quality check for human consumption. 

A 'Newsbeat' by Cathal O'Shannon broadcast first on 1 February 1966.