Weird and Wonderful

A selection of some of the oddities, quirky tales, curious stories, wonderful individuals and bizarre events from Irish life.

Television has been recording Irish life since 1961. Cameras have been there to bring us events of state, sporting highs and lows, breaking news, and the politics of the day.

But alongside these big issues reporters and crews also captured some of the more unusual aspects of life in Ireland. Presented here are some of the weird and wonderful stories that television has encountered.

Tom Hayes who was buried alive, a UFO in Mullinahone, travelling by steamroller from Longford to Dublin, a seventh son of a seventh son, hunting for monsters in Connemara, a magician priest in Achill, finding the centre of Ireland, eating horse meat in Phibsboro, a beer and stretcher race, a fairy tree, opera singing dogs, and a Ballinasloe invention for the lollipop man are just some of the quirky themes recorded.

Whether you find these stories weird, bizarre, outlandish, odd or strange we hope they bring a smile to your face.