The lack of experience among many of the young soldiers, hot weather and a warm welcome from Dubliners are some of the memories recalled by Mr Simpkin who was among the British soldiers sent to Ireland during the Rising.

Mr Simpkin recalls the rawness of many of the soldiers who having landed at Kingstown were told to form ranks and load their weapons.

The order was to load. While loading we must have had so many that was rookies you know and hadn't been with us long besides loading they fired 'em off. 

The weather was hot marching from Kingstown to Ballsbridge and the troops were tiring Mr Simpkin remembers a Corporal who had run out of water and the welcome that the soldiers received along the route. They were to spend the night in the post office at Ballsbridge but there was no rest for some among them Private Simpkin who was ordered to stand guard overnight.   

Mr Simpkin was interviewed during the production of 'Ireland A Television History' on 27 June 1979.