William Barnacle was a cyclist with the Sherwood Foresters sent to Ireland during the Rising. Here he recalls some of the events he witnessed.

As they approached land some of the soldiers among William Barnacle's group thought they were going to France and were surprised when on landing an officer declared they were in Ireland. 

Marching in formation from Kingstown towards Dublin city centre a large car pulled alongside the troops and the driver offered them some fruit.

He said he was entirely on the side of the British and he wished to assist the troops that were attacking the enemy.

As they approached Ballsbridge the troops were warned to take extreme caution. William Barnacle and his fellow cyclists were forced to abandon their bikes as they came under fire. Eventually they began to clear houses and use the furniture to make barricades. 

One night William Barnacle and his group were looking for some where to sleep and occupied a public house. Although a non drinker himself he recalls how, 

Being ordinary human beings most of the fellows raided the wine shelves and they went as far as when they went on parade they had small bottles of whiskey up their blouses. 

At one point someone decided that a battalion of cyclists moving through the countryside would give the impression of a great number of troops to the general population. William Barnacle and his comrades cycled to Oranmore in Galway. 

William Barnacle was interviewed during the production of 'Ireland A Television History' on 26 June 1979.