George Taylor recalls how British soldiers were initially received in Dublin, a funeral cortege used to hide arms and the surrender at Jacob's Biscuit factory.

In an interview recorded during the production of the television series 'Ireland A Television History' George Taylor gives his memories of the Rising during Easter Week 1916.

As part of a British army patrol George Taylor recalls stopping a funeral procession and discovering that the coffin did not contain a corpse but ammunition, rifles and small arms. While holding a position in Sackville Street he remembers seeing the effect of  a shell being dropped on to the General Post Office.

On Sunday 30 April George Taylor was among the party of British troops at Jacob's Biscuit Factory. He describes how before the surrender his Lance Corporal was injured. After the surrender Taylor spoke with two of the Irish Volunteers he was guarding. One of them joked about what poor shots they had been while the other asked Taylor if they would all be shot? He replied,

No don't talk damned nonsense... we don't do them sort of things... I said some your ring leaders might get it. They started laughing at that. 

George Taylor was interviewed during the production of 'Ireland A Television History' on 11 July 1979.