On a night when six people died across Northern Ireland, one of the victims was a young boy. In the Falls Road area of Belfast, there were vicious clashes between Protestants and Catholics.

Reporter Barry Linnane records the raw anger of Catholics, who accuse the 'B' Specials of leading Protestant rioters. Linnane speaks to some of those who witnessed the events who say there is no law and order at all.

Kevin Healy reports on shootings in Divis Street, where one of those killed was nine-year-old Patrick Rooney. 

Kevin Healy also reports that the RTÉ camera crew who were filming in the area were trapped for a while due the firing. There was another fatality of a man, whose body was found on the roof of Divis Street flats and believed to be a soldier who was on compassionate leave. The people of the flats anticipate that there will be further trouble tonight.