The special occasion that is a Munster Hurling Final with the highs and lows the experience brings to the players and supporters of Cork and Clare.

A Munster Hurling Final played in Thurles is one of the highlights of the Irish sporting calendar. Over 54,000 hurling fans were in town to be part of the occasion.  Cork people were in confident mood with a long history of Munster and All Ireland success. Clare followers came to Semple stadium with hope seeking a first Munster title since 1932. 

Doireann Ní Bhriain was in Thurles for P.M. to witness the range of emotions felt by players and supporters from both sides. President of Ireland Patrick Hillery a Clare man took his seat in the stand with Taoiseach and Cork man Jack Lynch. 

In the end, it was Cork who emerged to retain their Munster title after a tense tie. A jubilant Cork captain Charlie McCarthy paid tribute to the Clare team. In the Clare dressingroom, there was disappointment mixed with a defiance to come back again.

Clare goalkeeper Seamus Durack expressed his disappointment at another Munster Final Loss. 

It is the second time I have ever cried coming off the field after a match. I cried after being beaten in a Munster Under 21 Final. And this time I feel very dejected it will take me a few days to get over it.

 Despite the defeat, Ger Loughnane remains defiant,

Our aim was to win an All Ireland. You may think inside this dressing room that aim is kind of forgotten now. But I can tell you it is not forgotten. We are still a very young team just a few fellows that mightn't last the pace over the next few years. But we were beaten before and I am telling you we are going to back again.

The Clare coach Father Harry Bohan believes his team is good enough and young enough team to come back again. Supporters of the Banner county will have to wait awhile longer to fly victorious Clare flags.

The final score was Cork 0-13 Clare 0-11

This report for P.M. was broadcast on 1 July 1978. The reporter is Doireann Ní Bhriain.