Fianna Fáíl Nice referendum campaign director PJ Mara resigns after the Flood Report finds he failed to cooperate with the inquiry into planning corruption.

RTÉ News profiles the career of PJ Mara following revelations of the Flood Report. A long association with the Fianna Fáil saw him serve as Press Secretary to the party and as Government Press Secretary. PJ Mara was probably best known as a political adviser to Charles Haughey but it was his character as portrayed through the radio series 'Scrap Saturday' that really made him a household name.   

It was PJ Mara that persuaded Charles Haughey to relaunch his political career following the Arms Trial in 1970. Although his job title was Government Press Secretary in 1987 there was a perception that PJ Mara was more of Press Secretary to Charles Haughey himself than the government. 

When Charles Haughey resigned PJ Mara served briefly as Press Secretary to the Albert Reynolds led government before setting up his own consultancy business. PJ Mara returned to Fianna Fáil politics as the party's Director of Elections for the 2002 General Election but the findings of the Flood Report saw him resign from that position.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 27 September 2002. The reporter is Eileen Whelan.