The Naven family live a nomadic lifestyle sailing the seven seas in their boat 'Lady Anne'.

A 31 foot ketch 'Lady Anne' is home to Patrick Naven his wife May and their daughters, 20 year old twins Mary and Margaret and six year old Caroline. For the past eight years the family have been sailing around the world visiting the West Indies, Jamaica, the Canary Islands, the Azores, Spain and Portugal.

All this knocking around the world thing, it’s quite a nice life.

Previously, Pat Naven was musical director of the Cork Opera House. He loves his current lifestyle and recommends it to business people and those with responsibilities.

The only catch is making ends meet and to do this he goes back to his music. He has been earning a living playing music in the Gran Canaria Hotel in Las Palmas.

You’ve got to sort of make a little bit to keep going here and there.

May Naven says their way of life allows the family to experience a variety of places and offer the opportunity to meet different people.

The main disadvantage is the risk or danger involved with the sea. If Pat Naven was to be injured or get sick he has taught Mary and their daughter Mary how to navigate. They are both competent to take the boat home. Also,

There is a bit of a problem when in very bad weather when you’ve got to try and cook a meal at a 45 degree angle it’s not fun.

The twins are also enthusiastic about their nomadic lifestyle.

We like it very much, we love the travelling part, and going to different places.

Six year old Caroline Naven has never lived anywhere else and loves life on a yacht.

The Naven family are visiting Crosshaven in County Cork before going to England where Pat is going back into the music business for a short time.

This episode of 'Newsbeat' was broadcast on 18 May 1965. The reporter is Bill O'Herlihy.