Singer and actress Hazel O'Connor on fame, finding happiness, the Hare Krishna movement and marriage.

Hazel O’Connor joins environmental ecologist Tom O'Byrne and publisher Noelle Campbell-Sharp on this edition of 'Kenny Live’.

Hazel O’Connor became an overnight success following the 1980 film ‘Breaking Glass’ playing the role of Kate, a struggling punk singer role who hits the big time and has a nervous breakdown.

However Hazel O’Connor does not consider herself particularly punk.

That was our music and our expression of the mid 70s.

She prefers to live life on her own terms.

I’m a bit strong minded, I’ve never thought of myself as rebellious I just happened to do things I wanted to do.

Success turned to turmoil and poverty as she did not take the right legal advice and made bad deals. The company with her publishing rights spent all the money before going bankrupt. Even when she was famous she was on the dole. Now Hazel O'Connor just wants to sing and will do that regardless of her circumstances.

Hazel O’Connor is a member of the Hare Krishna movement and she met her husband Kurt Bippert at a temple. The couple married on Venice Beach in Los Angeles. Dave Wakeling from the English ska band The Beat gave her away and the actor Dave Rappaport was best man.

Her wedding vows oblige her to follow and obey her husband. However Hazel O'Connor is aware this cannot always happen.

I’ll try but if he’s off, you know, if he gives me some kind of command and if it’s totally out of order and selfish, then I would have to say.

Hazel O’Connor’s theatrical and recording life is back on track again. She has recently bought a house in County Wicklow and plans to live in Ireland permanently.

This episode of ‘Kenny Live’ was broadcast on 2 June 1990. The presenter is Pat Kenny.