Elton John to play for 15,000 people at the Stormont Parliament buildings.

Most associated with political events, the Stormont Estate has been transformed into a rock venue in celebration of the peace process. The hope is that the concert will provide a boost for the image of Belfast city.

The Stormont Estate, more used to political demonstrations and activities, has been turned into a rock venue.

Elton John will take to the stage this evening in one of the biggest concerts Belfast has ever seen. Eighty trucks brought in all the equipment to construct the stage which is over 60 feet high. After the concert, the stage will be deconstructed and transported to Dublin for Elton John concerts at Croke Park.

Elton John agreed to perform at Stormont as a personal favour for the British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

While Stormont is the home of the newly established Northern Ireland Assembly, the Northern Secretary Mo Mowlam has said that the grounds can be used once a year to host such musical activities. Opera star Luciano Pavarotti has already agreed to perform here.

DUP leader Dr Ian Paisley has been critical of the concert.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 May 1998. The reporter is Michael Fisher.