Following an election held on 24 February 1969 the Northern Ireland parliament meets for the first time at Stormont.

The official state opening of the 12th session of the Northern Ireland parliament. The Governor of Northern Ireland, Lord Grey of Naunton (Ralph Francis Alnwick Grey) presided. 

At the first formal meeting of the elected members of the Northern Ireland Commons, there were just two points of business on the agenda. The election of a Speaker to preside over the lower house of Parliament; and the swearing in of the elected representatives. Ivan Neill of the Ulster Unionist Party was elected Speaker.

Travelling from his residence in Hillsborough Castle, and accompanied by his wife Lady Grey (Esmé Mae) Lord Grey’s car arrived at Stormont preceded by Royal military police motorcycle outriders.

Following an inspection of the guard of honour from the First Battalion of the Light Infantry, the state opening took place in the central hall, where the Governor read the Queen’s speech.

A peaceful picket by the People’s Democracy took place outside the parliament buildings, with protestors holding placards looking for civil rights.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 4 March 1969.