Mike Murphy and friends take some vintage and novelty bicycles for a spin.

With the price of petrol on the increase, more people are thinking about a return to two wheeled transport. Mike Murphy proposes a fresh look at the humble bike.

You want something different, ideas, panache.

Vintage bicycle enthusiast and collector Peter Matthews shows Mike a Michaux velocipede from the 1860s. The wrought iron frame and wooden and iron wheels soon earned it the name of 'boneshaker', but this does not deter Peter Matthews,

It’s rickety, but not too hard.

The double bed bicycle by comparison is built for comfort,

You can have a snooze while you’re riding it.

The Peter Matthews collection spans one hundred years of cycling, and he also re-uses suitable materials to create new types of bikes.

I’ll make a bicycle out of anything.

This episode of ‘The Live Mike’ was broadcast on 18 March 1983. The presenter is Mike Murphy.

'The Live Mike' first aired on RTE 1 on 9 November, 1979 and was billed as an hourly, Friday night programme of comment, entertainment and surprises. The programme also contained a candid-camera slot in which Mike Murphy and his team took on many disguises.