A display of works of sculpture at St Anne's Park in Dublin has been destroyed by vandals.

The Oasis Open Air Art Exhibition at St Anne's Park in Raheny has been reduced to ruins by vandals.

Ripped and torn and burned and broken.

The works of sculpture formed part of an open air exhibition which had been opened by Minister for Health and Social Welfare Charles Haughey just two days earlier. The exhibition consisted of 24 pieces located throughout the park. While many of them have been damaged or completely destroyed, some survived.

The works were unprotected but the savagery used to break them is almost unbelievable.

What is left of the exhibition is either a monument to durability or a memento of destruction.

This was the second exhibition of its kind to be held in Dublin. Two years earlier, a similar exhibition was held at Merrion Square and went off successfully. After the destruction and vandalism at St Anne's Park, the future of similar exhibitions taking place is open to question.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 August 1977. The reporter is is Conor McAnally.