The debate over women's liberation and equality in Irish society.

Marian Normile from Birr in County Offaly takes to the floor for a two minute talk on Women's Liberation and Equality and presents the question liberation from what or whom?

I am at liberty to be here tonight by the grace of my good husband who is putting my three children to bed.

Marian Normile argues in favour of equality of the sexes rather than women's liberation and points to the tremendous advantages in being a woman.

If you can't carry out the bin and you can't bring in the wood, leave the man do it.

She sees no disadvantage in being a woman and says that if she wants to be involved in politics, then the doors of Dáil Éireann are open to her. If she wants to climb Mount Everest, she can go out and do it. However, Marian Normile points out that she does not necessarily want to what men do.

I want to stay at home with my children and I want to be a wife and a mother.

In her closing comments, Marian Normile says that women have the greatest gift that no man can possibly ever have and that is the ability to give birth.

'Hall's Provincial Talking Tournament' was broadcast on 27 June 1982. The presenter is Frank Hall.

'Hall's Provincial Talking Tournament' was a six part series hosted by Frank Hall and featuring contestants from the provinces competing for the Talking Champion of Ireland Trophy.