Three British soldiers are killed in a landmine explosion on the Glenshane Pass in County Derry.

Three British soldiers were killed and four others seriously injured when a massive explosion blew their Land Rover off the road at the Glenshane Pass between Maghera and Dungiven in County Derry.

Private Christopher Stevenson, Lance-Corporal David Moon and Sergeant Stuart Reid were killed when their Land Rover was destroyed by two landmines consisting of 120 pounds of explosive packed in milk churns on a remote stretch of the Derry to Belfast Road at the Glenshane Pass.

Two charges of 60 pounds each were detonated as the Land Rover, which was escorting an Army truck carrying a damaged helicopter approached Glenshane Pass. The convoy was on its way to the Royal Air Force (RAF) station at Aldergrove.

The Land Rover was blown off the road into a ditch and smashed to pieces.

The blast was manually detonated by a wire from a hill just behind the road.

Just after the explosion went off, four shots were fired at the cab of the lorry carrying the damaged helicopter. The two soldiers inside escaped injury but were treated for shock.

The Irish Republican Army (IRA) later claimed responsibility for the attack.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 June 1972. The reporter is John Howard.