Reaction to the broadcast by Taoiseach Albert Reynolds ahead of the Maastricht Treaty Referendum.

The address by Taoiseach Albert Reynolds covered arguments and questions raised during the referendum campaign. Albert Reynolds repeated that abortion, neutrality and conscription had nothing to do with Maastricht.

Nothing in the treaty imposes conscription in Ireland and pollsters suggesting the opposite are untrue. They are just scaremongering to confuse and frighten people.

He made similar comments in the context of Irish neutrality and says that the treaty specifically recognises Irish neutrality. Quoting the treaty,

The policy of the European Union on security shall not prejudice the specific character of the security and defence policy of certain member states.

Albert Reynolds also warned of an outflow of money from the Irish economy should there be a no vote to Maastricht. He points out a number of benefits for Ireland of continued participation in Europe. Students in regional technical colleges currently benefit from European Community grants, there is European investment in infrastructure projects, the benefits to international trade, European agricultural income supports to Irish farmers, and much more.

Those are the questions facing all of us if we opt out.

Opponents of the treaty such as Proinsias De Rossa dismissed many of the points made by the Taoiseach saying that he had failed to address issues raised during the referendum campaign. Proinsias De Rossa described the Taoiseach's comments as "half truths".

Senator Des Hanafin who is also campaigning for a no vote on Maastricht believes it is the only way to ensure a referendum on abortion.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 June 1992. The reporter is Donal Kelly.