Railings around the statue of Lady Erin in Sligo town are removed.

One of Sligo's best known landmarks stands at the intersection of Grattan Street and Market Street. The Lady Erin statue which was erected in 1898 to commemorate the centenary of the 1798 Rebellion and the Sligo men who fought in the insurrection was designed by Dublin sculptor Herbert G Barnes.

Today the railings around the statue are being removed to facilitate an easier flow of traffic through the junction.

At over four and a half metres in height, the memorial depicts Ireland with her hand raised as an act of rebellion and wearing a Phrygian or liberty cap. Carrying a banner with the inscription '1798’, the broken chains under her feet symbolise the breaking of the chains of bondage with England.

The statue is also one of the town's best known landmarks and is used as a point of reference from which the jurisdiction of Sligo Borough Council is measured.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 March 1962. The footage shown here is mute.