Travellers on their future as local residents continue to oppose plans for a halting site at Sandyford in Dublin.

In 1996 local people from the Dublin suburb of Sandyford lost a case in the High Court to stop plans for a halting site for Travellers going ahead on a field off the Blackglen Road.

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council won permission to go ahead with the halting site which will accommodate 40 caravans.

However residents remain adamant the site is unsuitable, the road is too busy and the proposed bulk of caravans it will facilitate are too large.

A local woman fears the County Manager can use emergency powers to push the plans through onto an unsuitable site. Spokesperson for the residents and former rally driver Rosemary Smith is convinced houses in the area are being devalued and are not selling because of the proposed halting site.

Travellers in the area live on the roadsides in appalling conditions and are constantly being moved on by the authorities. This is having an adverse effect on their children's’ education as the school bus driver,

Hasn’t got a clue where we are.

A Supreme Court case in February 1997 will follow the decision by the High Court in favour of the council plan.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 January 1997. The reporter is Carole Coleman.