Despite fireworks being illegal in the Republic of Ireland there is no difficulty purchasing them in Dublin city centre.

In the weeks leading up to Hallowe'en fireworks can be purchased on the black market in Dublin city centre.

Gone are the days…when sparklers and bangers were sufficient to brighten up the Hallowe'en party.

Money talks, and women selling the fireworks on Moore Street offer an array to the interested buyer,

I can give you a package for a tenner, there's rockets, flares, cartwheels, Roman Candles, bangers.

Confiscation by Gardaí is commonplace, but that does not stop the traders. It helps to create an atmosphere at Hallowe'en says one seller, and this year in particular they have a steady flow of customers,

Big shots comes to us for them, solicitors comes to us for them.

With prices starting at one pound fifty for a banger, the majority of the fireworks available for purchase in the Henry Street and Moore Street area have very small safety warning labels and have the potential to cause harm,

Some of the fireworks that we bought here…could be very dangerous in the hands of children.

This report for 'Evening Extra’ was broadcast on 30 October 1986. The reporter is Éamon Ó Muirí.

'Evening Extra' was a nightly magazine programme which ran from Monday to Friday at 7 pm dealing with current issues and people in the news. The first episode was aired on Monday 13 October 1986 and it ran for 278 shows over 2 years until the final show on 29 April 1988. The programme had numerous presenters and reporters including Siobhan Cleary, Richard Crowley, Bibi Baskin, Aonghus McAnally and Shay Healy.