Ahead of Halloween fireworks are seized in Dundalk but plenty are for sale across the border in Jonesborough.

Fireworks are illegal in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland, but Jonesborough Market in County Armagh was busy this afternoon selling Halloween fireworks. Children and parents who were able to select and purchase from an array of rockets, roman candles and bangers at market stalls.  

Despite the fact that most are illegal both North and South, business was thriving.

One trader who spoke to RTÉ News but did not want to be identified said the responsibility lies in the hands of people who purchase these potentially unsafe pyrotechnics,  

It’s like everything else, sure everything’s dangerous if you use in in the wrong way.

Seven miles across the border in Dundalk Gardaí were placing the most recent seizure of fireworks into storage. At first glance these Halloween fireworks are harmless, but a closer inspection reveals something altogether different. As Garda Superintendent Michael Staunton explains,  

Children really are handling and are in possession of a low-grade explosive.

Back in Jonesborough, one mother admits that fireworks are dangerous and safety precautions must be taken, 

As long as you have two adults that’s responsible to let them off, it’s alright.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 October 1995. The reporter is Michael O’Kane.