Words beginning with the letter M and the tale of the three little pigs feature in this episode of 'Dilín Ó Deamhas'.

Dilín Ó Deamhas’ presenters Pádraig Ó Briain and Máire de Barra welcome pre-school children to the show. They discuss words beginning with the letter M.

Máire de Barra encourages viewers to come up with examples of the M sound and suggests the word Mamaí (Mammy). She also holds up a picture of her madra (dog) Momo.

Keeping with the M theme, Máire de Barra reads ‘Na Trí Mhuca Beaga’ (‘The Three Little Pigs') from her story book.

Tá scéal agamsa faoi na muicíní agus an mac tíre dána.

Clár do pháistí óga ab ea ‘Dilín Ó Deamhas’, le scéalta agus ceol. ‘Dilín Ó Deamhas’ took its name from the traditional Irish song sung in the opening titles. The programme ran from 1983 - 1988.

This edition of ‘Dilín Ó Deamhas’ was broadcast on 12 November 1986.