The Irish Naval Service and Air Corps carry out joint exercises in the Irish Sea.

Ships and planes join forces in a training exercise which put members of the Naval Service and Air Corps to the test.

The LÉ Aoife, the LÉ Aisling and the LÉ Deirdre were among the ships taking part in the naval exercise.

Commander of the service, Commodore Liam Moloney outlines the objectives of the exercise.

The object of the exercise is to assess the level of training that has been arrived at by the ship's company throughout the year, to give us the opportunity to see that they’re capable of carrying out the tasks that they may be called upon at short notice in the day to day patrols.

The training exercises included the transfer of men and materials from one ship to another which Commodore Maloney describes as excellent and necessary seamanship training which can be used in rescue situations.

The Air Corps are also part of the search and rescue services and also took part in the training exercises. Both the Air Corps and the Naval Service work together in real life situations and therefore train together.

The training exercises lasted four days. While the Air Corps spend much of their time on mercy missions and the naval service on fishery protection, their primary role is to defend the country.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 September 1981. The reporter is Tom McCaughren.