Prison inmates take to the roof of the Limerick prison in protest over living conditions, visiting rights and transfers.

The protests began yesterday when eight prisoners made their way o to the roof of the A wing of the prison.

The Department of Justice described the prisoners as

Hardened criminals serving sentences ranging from five to 21 years for crimes including murder and drugs.

The demands of the protesting prisoners vary from complaints about living conditions and visiting rights to seeking transfers to prisons in Dublin.

After a sudden drop in temperature during the night, one of the prisoners returned to his cell. The remaining seven prisoners remain on the roof and the protest continues.

Side streets around the prison have been sealed off and Gardaí have kept the press back from the area. One press photographer had his film stock removed by the Gardaí.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 September 1991. The reporter is Michael Lally.