Rihanna and a County Down farmer part on good terms after misunderstanding during production of a music video.

Singer Rihanna is shooting a music video for 'We Found Love' in Northern Ireland. She was spotted filming a in a field belonging to Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) councillor Alan Graham in Bangor, County Down.

Alderman Alan Graham explains the filming on his land took place with his full permission, but he thinks the location manager did not fully understand his expectations of the shoot.

Initially Alan Graham was comfortable with the content of the music video. However when filming moved from an area beside the main road to another more secluded field,

I felt unhappy and uncomfortable with what was happening on my land.

He felt compelled to request the production crew cease filming because,

The young lady in question was ceasing to be dressed in an appropriate manner.

Alan Graham spoke to Rihanna about his concerns, but will not reveal the details of their conversation. Rhianna is widely known for her 2007 hit ‘Umbrella’ but until the incident on his land, Alan Graham was unaware of the singer or her music. He praises Rihanna for her graciousness and they both parted on good terms.

I wish no ill to the lady and her friends.

This episode of ‘Morning Ireland’ was broadcast on 27 September 2011. The presenter is Aoife Kavanagh.