U2 guitarist the Edge on a side project that has seen him provide music for the film 'Captive'.

David Evans known as the Edge, goes it alone for his first solo album recording the soundtrack for the Paul Mayersberg film ‘Captive’.

With platinum sales for three U2 albums under their belt, all four members have involved themselves in various projects outside the band. In one of these side projects, guitarist Edge has recorded his contribution to the soundtrack for the film ‘Captive’.

In December 1985, Dave Fanning met with Edge at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin to talk about how he got involved in the project.

It’s always been one of our missions to get into movie soundtracks.

He explains that he, and the band, have always wanted to do the theme music for a film rather than just providing a recorded track. Edge says that he just happened to have extra time on his hands so he decided to collaborate with Michael Brook on the soundtrack for Captive. The soundtrack included the song ‘Heroine’ sung by Sinéad O'Connor.

This episode of ‘Visual Eyes’ was broadcast on 20 August 1986. The presenter is Dave Fanning.