Young people take an Irish course with a difference with Eachtra in the Falcarragh Gaeltacht in Donegal.

In 1970 Gael Linn established Eachtra, adventure courses for Irish speaking teenagers. The scheme does not teach Irish, but instead provides instruction for adventure sports such as kayaking, sailing, orienteering and rock climbing through the Irish language.

Most of the Eachtra courses take place in the Gaeltacht. The RTÉ young people's programme, 'Off The Wall' visits Falcarragh in Donegal to film a group of young people undertaking some Eachtra activities in the region. The teenagers on the course are from all parts of Ireland and are ready for the mountains, sea and craic.

The Eachtra group are out in the wilds of Donegal where they plan to follow a trail past Aghla More to Aghla Beg. On this hike, they will experience great views of Errigal and other mountains in the area. There is no need to worry about bus strikes or traffic jams in this idyll.

Suaimhneas agus and síocháin.

The poor weather does not bother the intrepid hikers. They reach Loch Altan a lake situated at the foot of the northern slopes of Errigal. One of the group says the place lives up to her expectations. At their journey’s end the students have views of Errigal, Muckish and in the distance, the sea. The group then try canoeing on a river in Dunlewey.

This episode of ‘Off The Wall’ was broadcast on 27 July 1981.