Television cook Delia Smith has written a book about God but claims not to be very religious herself.

Best known for her work in the kitchen, Delia Smith is also an author of popular cookery books. Her latest publication 'A Journey To God' relates to a completely different subject.

Delia Smith is determined not to be written off as "a religious maniac" simply because she has written a book about God and declares,

I’m not really very religious.

'A Journey To God' has been designed to be read a little bit at a time.

I wrote the book for people who perhaps want to know God but just don’t know how to go about it.

The book sets out to dismiss "false Gods" such as "the Cuddly Bear God", and "The God of Fear and Anxiety".

Delia Smith did not attend any church as a child but her mother taught her to pray at night before bed and an interest grew from there. There have been certain crisis points in her life where she felt drawn to God.

I wanted to have some kind of religious faith.

Her God is not one that makes statues move or turns rosary beads to gold. Delia Smith does not believe in traditional notions of sin but in the good of the human race.

In terms of how God fits into her profession of cookery, she says,

God is full of wine, food and fun.

Delia felt compelled to write the book the gift that God has given her is the gift of communication, a skill which she has used to teach people to cook. She now hopes to do the same thing with prayer.

I wanted to give people basic prayer, the same as basic cooking.

This episode of ‘Kenny Live’ was broadcast on 22 October 1988. The presenter is Pat Kenny.