Eurovision Song Contest success comes at a price for the winning country. Will Ireland bear the cost again?

Éimear Quinn's win at the Eurovision Song Contest with 'The Voice’ is Ireland’s seventh victory in the competition. Previous winners include Dana (1970), Johnny Logan (1980 & 1987), Linda Martin (1992), Niamh Kavanagh (1993), and Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan (1994).

Ireland seems destined to continue to produce Eurovision winning songs.

Winning at Eurovision comes at a cost for the winning country which hosts the competition the following year.

The question of the venue, logistics and of course money all have to be faced.

Minister for Arts and Culture Michael D Higgins believes that the win should be celebrated and that Eimear Quinn should be allowed her moment of glory.

The decision over hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 will be made in the coming weeks.

An RTÉ News reports on 19 May 1996. The reporter is Eileen Whelan.