Owen Carron election agent for Bobby Sands says the hunger strike will continue until prisoner demands are met.

Long Kesh hunger striker Bobby Sands, who was elected last month as MP (Member of Parliament) for Fermanagh and South Tyrone is now on the sixty second day of his hunger strike.

Speaking to RTÉ News his election agent Owen Carron says that Bobby Sands will continue with his hunger strike unless the British government concedes to the five demands of the hunger strikers.

Bobby Sands will die...and the problem won't be solved there...Bobby Sands' death is unnecessary.

The hunger strikers are looking for the right not to do prison work; the right to one visit, one parcel and letter per week; the right to freely associate with other prisoners, and to organise recreational and educational activities; and full restoration of the right to appeal.

Owen Carron says that in the event of the death of Bobby Sands the three others currently on hunger strike are determined to continue.

The whole thing will keep going on and on until the British government finally decide that the whole thing has failed.

The main aim of the hunger strike is to achieve the reintroduction of political status for Republican prisoners, with five key demands,

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 1 May 1981.