In the documentary 'Darkest Days: Edward Daly Remembers' the Catholic bishop talks about his 30 years living and working in a community that has seen dark days and is now beginning to see brighter ones.

Dr Edward Daly describes the events and changes he has seen from his days as a young priest in the Bogside, Derry since 1962 up to the present as a retired Bishop of the city in a time of great hope for the future. 

Edward Daly sought to diffuse the growing row between the British authorities and republican prisoners.

In this excerpt from the programme he remembers a visit he made to Long Kesh (the Maze Prison) accompanied by Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich. He describes the horrific conditions in which the prisoners were confined. Despite the conditions Daly comments

I was amazed at the spirit of the men, at their resilience, their good humour...

Presented and researched by Tommie Gorman, 'Darkest Days : Edward Daly Remembers' was broadcast on 4 January 1996.