Approximately eight thousand people attend a protest march in west Belfast in support of the hunger strikers.

The march was attended by H-Block groups from all over Northern Ireland was led by Bobby Sands' sister Marcella and relatives of three other republican prisoners also on hunger strike.

The Mothers Against H Block group joined the protest as did participate the pacifist and anti-war activist Fr Daniel Berrigan SJ.

Commencing from the Falls Road at Dunville Park the march proceeds to a shopping centre in Andersonstown for a rally. Speeches were made by Bernadette McAliskey and Bobby Sands' election agent Owen Carron who asks for continuing support for their campaign,

I call on all the people of Ireland to stand behind Bobby Sands and his comrades, to move forward and smash the H-Blocks.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 April 1981. The footage shown here has natural sound only.