Bosco and his friends Gráinne Uí Mhaitiú and Frank Twomey share the various ways to eat an Easter egg.

Bosco and his friends, the presenters of the show Gráinne Uí Mhaitiú and Frank Twomey, enjoyed eating and sharing some Easter eggs. There are a number of empty boxes and wrappers about the studio and Frank suggests they tidy up. Bosco is amazed at the mess,

You wouldn’t think we ate all those would you? 

They recall the various ways in which they ate the chocolate eggs. This leads to a song on the subject which concludes,

We have told you the way that we eat our egg, when we sit down on Easter day.

The children’s programme 'Bosco’ began broadcasting as a two-week pilot in June 1979 aimed at pre-school children, with the programme proper scheduled to begin in the autumn of the same year. The show is presented by a 5-year-old pint-sized puppet named ‘Bosco’ who lives in a box. He is joined each week by a selection of grown-up presenters for fun and games.  Bosco’s puppeteer is Paula Lambert.

This episode of ‘Bosco’ was broadcast on 4 April 1988. The director is Michael Monaghan.