Motorists not displaying a valid road tax disc face an on the spot fine. Who will administer the penalty and what do the public think?

The Minister for Local Government announces the introduction of on the spot fines for motorists who don't display a current motor tax disc. Vehicle owners who do not display a tax disc could face a £5 on the spot fine. Debate has arisen over how these fines will be administered.

Notification of the new regulations has been sent to each local authority. The starting date for imposing the fines depends on each local authority setting up the necessary means for imposing the fines.

Minister for Local Government Mr James Tully refutes any claims that the new regulations were shifting judicial regulations from the courts to the traffic wardens on the streets. The new sticker fining systems will be administered by traffic wardens.

If he persists in not paying his tax over a long period, then it's good enough for him if he gets a selection of stickers.

John Parker Deputy Manager of the Automobile Association (AA) believes that a 14 day grace period should apply to the new legislation.

General Secretary of the Garda Representative Body Jack Marrinan speaks out against the new legislation saying that traffic wardens are not qualified in law enforcement. However, he does believe that people should pay their car tax. At a time when investment in the Garda Síochána is facing cut backs he is bewildered as to why another agency is being employed to enforce the law.

We think that it's ill advised. We think that it's sad for the community as a whole and an indication of a deteriorating quality of life within the community that there should be a proliferation of policing authorities.

Motorists also gave their views on the new fines.

I think it's a good idea if it means that everybody taxes their car.

It's a deterrent I think.

It's ridiculous to give traffic wardens the authority they have now.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 November 1975. The reporter is Colm Connolly.