Dunmoran Strand in County Sligo is home to the world's first sand skiing school.

In spite of the lack of snow, Europe’s latest ski resort is at Dunmoran Strand in County Sligo. According to 72 year old American Fred Zeserson, it is as good as any European resort for cross-country skiing.

Inspired by his surroundings Fred brought a pair of conventional cross-country skis to the beach and pioneered sand skiing. Soon locals and tourists alike were skiing on the wet sands of Dunmoran Strand several times a week.

Fred Zeserson has no research to back up his claim, but is convinced,

This must be the best aerobic exercise there is.

He extols the benefits of sand skiing,

People like it because they enjoy it, they feel better, they look better, they act better.

One local resident was inspired and says she prefers sand skiing to aimlessly walking on the beach.

I’m hooked, it’s really great.

The practice may seem eccentric but it has the backing of northwest tourism who are hoping to attract visitors who are seeking more than traditional beach activities.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 22 August 1990. The reporter is Eileen Magnier.